Quickbooks custom connection

Hi! I am trying to create a custom connection for Quickbooks/Intuit. I found a Fetch User Profile Script which I added. But when I test the connection it prompts me to log in then choose a company then I get an error page ‘invalid_request’

When I look at the logs its says ‘User Failed To Log In’ event though the QB log in went through.

I tried the pre built Quickbooks connection but that doesn’t seem to work, not sure if I am missing something on that.

Does anyone know how to set up a custom connection for Quickbooks?

Hey @michael17 welcome to the community!

I’m seeing the same issue (403 invalid request) if I use the client id/secret found under Development Settings in the Intuit Developer Portal - I’m curious if you are using these as well? Have you tried with production keys?

Hi, thanks for the repsonse. I am using the intuit sandbox keys. I believe that to use the production keys, I need to register the app etc. The sandbox keys work fine in Postman and directly through Nodejs for this app.

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