QuickBooks social connection does work with staging app

Today, there’s no way to inform the connection if we are using the staging or prod app.

Today, when we add a quickbooks-online social connection, we have no way to inform that we we are using the staging version of the QuickBooks on Intuit developer dashboard.

This matter because the userinfo endpoint is different for the staging and production environments.

I don’t know if the connection auto selects this automatically, but I was using a tenant set as ‘development’ and it was not working properly. I had to create a custom connection to make it work.

Trying to use the quickbooks social connection with a staging app on Intuit Developer Dashboard. I have not tested with a production app

Thanks for this feature request!

Can you give an example of what would be passed to the connection? I don’t see this as an option on other connections and I am wondering what you would like to see.

Hello @dan.woda .

I don’t have any specific in mind. How do other users try it using the staging credentials of intuit app? In the documentation, there is nothing regarding the different environments of the QuickBooks online side.

Thank you.

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Additionally, this is the screen in the Intuit Developer Dashboard view on an app.
I have two options: Development Settings and Product Settings

As I said before, the userinfo endpoint is different for the develpment and production environments are differents.

How does the social connection know which userinfo endpoint to use?

Thanks for expanding on this.

I think I have a clear understanding of your requirements.

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@jvieira, what did you end up doing to enable the sandbox environment?