Questions around export users job


I need to access information I stored in auth0 metadata for reporting purpose and thinking of building a service that executes following steps:

  1. Get management API token
  2. Call exports users API and get job#
  3. Call get job error API to confirm that no error has occurred
  4. Poll job details API every 90 seconds for 30 mins until status is completed and retrieve location of download link
  5. Download file/data and generate report

Questions are

  1. Regarding steps# 4, what’s the max. time Auth0 take to finish the job? I would like to poll until that time only.

  2. Documentation tells - “The download link is valid for 60 seconds. If this time period expires, you have 24 hours to call it again before the job expires.” Does that mean download link will expire after 60 seconds from the time the job completed or it’s valid for 60 seconds from the time someone access it for the first time?

  3. During all these time, if I just need to generate one token, will it only count as 1 token request against M2M quotas? Is M2M quota is based on token generation of API calls?

Hi @parthp

There’s no guarantee for how long this job will take. It would make sense to poll until the job is complete, then stop polling.

IIRC, the job expires after 24 hours. The links are valid for 60 seconds. If you fetch a link, you have 60 seconds to access it. You should be able to test this pretty easily to ensure it works as you expect.

M2M quotas don’t include tokens issued for the Management API.

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