Question Regarding Essential Plan and number of tenants

I got a question regarding production tenants and subscriptions.

The essentials plan specifies that you only get 1 production tenant.

As a team we are in need of 2 production tenants. We are developing two separate websites with separate user groups. Is it compliant to have two production tenants each with their own Essentials Plan?

Or do we need Professional Plan / Enterprise?

Hi @sanjiv.jankie,

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It’s totally okay to have two separate tenants, each with its own Essentials plan.

However, please note that each tenant will be its own separate and isolated entity.

This means that users in Tenant A will not be in Tenant B. While it is possible to sync the databases in both tenants, this will incur overhead and will not be synced immediately.

Therefore, if you need certain features to be in unison, you might want to consider the Professional Plan so that it is frictionless between your Production tenants.

I hope this helps!

Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.


Okay, yes that point is clear then. The tenants being seperate and isolated is exactly what we want for our use case so thanks.

I have one more question about the non-production tenants. The Essential Plan specifies 2 non-production tenants (see screenshot in OP).

How would i link my test tenants to this Essentials subscription?

I ask this because the post below states that this is only possible on the Enterprise plan.

P.S. Currently my approach would be to use a separate free plan for my test tenants

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Hi @sanjiv.jankie,

Thanks for the updates.

Yes, that is correct. Only Enterprise subscription plans can request to link their child tenants to their master tenant to benefit from paid features.

Unfortunately, the Essentials subscription does not allow you to link multiple tenants under a single subscription.

For the moment, using separate free plans to test should be sufficient unless you need to test specific paid features.


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