Question on invitations in organizations

Hello all,

I’m trying the new organization feature (looks great) but I’m stuck on the invitation flow. clicking on the invitation link brings me to the portal’s login page as expected, but it looks like a standard blank login page, with no org branding. I see that the invitation link has query parameters for invitation, organization, and organization_name. Do I need to transfer those over somehow in the challenge? I’m using core for the portal implementation.


Hi @chrisb , welcome to the community!

Yes, you would need to code your route/endpoint you have configured as your default login route to accept the invitation and organization querystring parameters the invitation flow provides, and then append those parameters to an /authorize request to begin logging the user into the relevant Organization. When the invitation and organization (the org_id) are present in the /authorize request, you should see the Universal Login page reflects the Organization’s settings.

I’m not that familiar with .NET Core unfortunately, but I did find this article which showed a way to add parameters to your /authorize requests dynamically which may help:

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Thanks Steve. Exactly what I needed. Works like a charm.


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Perfect! Glad to hear that!