Query validation error: 'Object didn't pass validation for format email

Whenever i user an email address with ‘+’ character in it. AUth0 while logging in replaces it with ’ '(space) and return that the email validation fails hence no user was found?

How can i remove this validation ? or is there any other suggestion?

Hi @kuldeeps,

I am not able to recreate the behavior. I create a user’s email with a + and it persists in my user store.

Can you please DM me a HAR file of the transaction so I can investigate further?

Let me know.


Thanks for the consideration @dan.woda
I figured out the problem with some api testing. It turns out to be an email encoding issue. First i have to encode the email and then only pass it to the api where it will be validated according to the rules. So i used urlencode() of php for that.

It works fine now.

Glad you figured it out. Thanks for posting the solution!

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