Pulling users from multiple sources

I’m trying to find a solution to simplify User Management for a school website running on WordPress, and could use some help figuring out how Auth0 can help. I already know that Auth0 has a plugin for WP. I want to see what more I can do.

I have 3 groups of users who are all known independently:

  1. Staff
  2. Students
  3. Family/Community

Staff and students have a school email address which currently forwards to their private email but we are talking about migrating to Office 365 for staff. Students and staff all use Google Classrooms. While students and staff will have different default roles, some staff and students will have elevated roles (to edit, or approve changes).

I would like to manage access to email, google classroom, and WP in one spot (so as students graduate, their access naturally ends when they’re removed from Google Classroom, for example)

Family/community users would have to be managed independently, but our staff would update users based on the lists they already have in the office. Some of these users will have elevated roles as well.

So… how can I use Auth0 to make this easy. I know staff will maintain the email/classroom side of things because classes depend on them; the website is less important day-to-day so I know it won’t be maintained as rigorously unless its integrated with the rest.