Provisioning users into AWS SSO with SCIM

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Are there any plans for Auth0 to support the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), either generally for specifically for AWS SSO? There is another thread where this question about SCIM was asked, but the poster never responded and the thread was locked.

To answer the question that @andres.aguiar asked in that thread, anyone looking to integrate with AWS SSO will need SCIM support, as users need to be provisioned into AWS SSO via SCIM. Note this question is referring the the AWS product named AWS SSO, and not SSO to AWS generally.

That documentation page titled Configure Single Sign-On with the AWS Console refers to integrating Auth0 with AWS SSO but does not handle provisioning users, so it’s only part of the picture.


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Let me reach out to our product team regarding that to find more updates on that front.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have any update from our Product Team

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I was told we have a professional services offering for SCIM. If you’re interested in that please let me know and I’ll ping appropriate person. Otherwise our Product Team is super willing to collect more product feedback on that via our product feedback form:

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