Providing web_origins to a0deploy through environment variables

Hello, I’m trying to override the following config.json file through environment variables provided by my Bitbucket pipelines:

	"AUTH0_DOMAIN": "",
	"AUTH0_CLIENT_ID": "fakevaluehere",
	"AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET": "fakevaluehere",
		"AUTH0_TENANT_NAME": "my-domain",

I keep getting the following error:
Bad Request: Payload validation error: 'Expected type array but found type string' on property web_origins (Comma-separated list of allowed origins for use with <a href=''>Cross-Origin Authentication</a>, <a href=''>Device Flow</a>, and <a href=''>web message response mode</a>).

How should I be providing the array as a string using environment variables please?

I wonder, is there any fix for this??

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