Providing Environment Variables for Action using Auth0 Deploy CLI

Continuing the discussion from Auth0 CLI and action secrets:

We are also using two tenants for dev & prod. Now I need to create a new Action. I added all the required details in the tenant.yml file. Now I have am adding secrets as:

      - name: AUTH0_DOMAIN
      - name: AUTH0_CLIENT_ID
      - name: AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET

Now, If I’ve two options:

  1. use some config.json file with AUTH0_KEYWORD_REPLACE_MAPPINGS to store the credentials for the above secrets. But I have one double here. If I do so, then it means my secrets are inside config.json file. I also need this file in the GitHub actions to run the a0deploy import ... command. Then where should I store this file. I can’t move it directly to the version control.

  2. If I use environment variables, where do I need to provide them in order for the a0deploy import ... command to work in the GitHub actions? How will these secrets be set in the Auth0?

Hi Team,
is there any update on this?