Feature: Add ability to replace environment variables on export

Feature: Add ability to replace environment-specific variables on export when using the deploy cli

When using the auth0-deploy-cli it would be useful to have a way to replace environment specific settings (i.e. callbacks, logout urls, web hosts, audiences, etc.) with a keyword replacement token on export. Otherwise we must manually edit the tenant.yaml before importing into the target tenant.

I imagine this would be a feature of the config file. Something like a JSON path to the property or object that needs replacement and the value to set at that path.

We would like to use the auth0-deploy-cli as part of our automated deployment. However, we cannot fully enable CI/CD, because each triggered export overwrites the manually edited keyword replacement tokens with the values from the source tenant. This means that we must go through a pull request cycle where we put the tokens back before we can deploy to the target tenant.

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Thanks for creating this feature request! Let’s see how many people from community will be interested in such addition.

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For me, it would be nice to have that feature, but it would rather not if it adds the complexity to the setting.
It’s because we don’t so frequently change the Auth0 settings and we only need to commit the parts we want to change even though git diff shows parts that using Keyword Mappings.

Gotchya! Thanks for providing that context!

Nice, thanks! It’s a good advance.

No worries! We’re here for you!