Provide Plotly Dash integration/demonstration

Feature: Make it easy to use Auth0 with Plotly Dash.

Description: Plotly Dash is a neat app-building framework. Without paying for the extremely expensive Enterprise offering, however, it does not have a robust authentication solution (see what is available here: Authentication | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly). There are a couple of POCs out there (GitHub - dbrambilla13/dash-auth0-auth and GitHub - MuttData/dash-auth0: Dash login with Auth0), but I wouldn’t feel comfortable adopting these without at least an endorsement from Plotly Dash or Auth0 or both.

Use-case: I’m looking to migrate away from using my current app hosting platform and to start using Dash, but having robust authentication is one of the key missing elements, currently.

Thank you for all of the awesome work that you do, and thank you to @matt.g for the recommendation to submit a request here.

Hey there!

Thanks for advocating for such improvement. Make sure to upvote it so that it gets as much attention from other users as possible! We review those feedback cards on a monthly basis and will let you know once we have any updates!

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This would help me greatly as well.

The dash-auth0-auth package is a start but not robust or production ready.
dash-auth0 is more a proof of concept.

Dash is widely used, not everyone can justify/afford the enterprise version and it would be fantastic if we could enable Auth0.

Thanks for adding your +1 to this! We’re still waiting for more votes and advocacy from users under this feedback card. Thank you!