Auth0 integration with Streamlit apps

Currently I’m evaluating Auth0 as an authentication platform and seems it is really interesting. I need to integrate it with different type of client apps such as R Shiny, ASP.NET C#, Python Streamlit.
It seem Auth0 support most of it except Python Streamlit. Does anyone know how we can integrate Autho0 to a Python Streamlit app.


Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t have any official content on integrating with Pythom Streamlit but I highly encourage you to place such feature request using our product feedback form:

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Thanks Konard, I’ll place a feature request and it would be good to have sdk for streamlit given that it is becoming popular in data science.
I’ll try to use js SDK as a workaround, But not sure whether it will work

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Sure! It’s always. up to our product team but the more feature requests they have for that the more likely we will have that SDK in place!

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