"Provide a Login Control" Issues


I am following this auth0 tutorial here. Under the “Provide a Login Control” subtitle I have had no issue and pasted the desired text, but there is no demonstration of how to link Auth’s isAuthenticated() function within the App , so I get the error “Cannot read property isAuthenticated of undefined”.

What is the correct way to do this, considering the has an auth prop(also not shown).

Hey there @nsena, do you mind direct messaging me your Auth.js file so I can take a peek as your isAuthenticated() method should referenced there at the bottom. You can also snag a HAR file of the current authentication flow and send it over as well so we can take a deeper look. Thanks in advance!

Good morning, I just sent you a direct message with updated steps per our last conversation. When you get a chance can you give it a peak? Thanks in advance!

Yes I will today. You are awesome!

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Hey James,

I can’t for the life of me find any direct messages with your reply and code fixes. I have checked my inbox, but don’t seem to see it.


Hi there @nsena, I resent the message I initially sent over in a direct message. Essentially we need an HAR file capture while I investigate he code you sent over. Thanks!

Following up @nsenal, because we can only give limited support outside of Auth0 realm, I can not give a direct code resolution. However if you can better help me understand where this "Cannot read property isAuthenticated of undefined” is coming from, I may be able to give you assistance if it falls onto us. When referencing your HAR file, I did not see the error in the authentication flow which leads us to believe that this may be an actual application error within your code.

Hi James,

I have a high degree of confidence it is also an application error. From the tutorial I followed, there were no visible discrepancies in the code I wrote, considering the tutorial does not let you see completed code sections.
Is there any way to get the code that this particular tutorial is building?


Hello Nate,

The code for the quickstarts is available in github, if that is what you are looking for:


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