Failed Silent Auth

I’ve setup (React) auth0 apps twice and i’m experiencing the same issue on both.

I login, it authenticates, i refresh the page and it errors with “login_required”, window alert (“could not get a new token”).

The logs say this is a Failed Silent Auth, though the nearest i can get to any explanation of that is a post about “Allowed Web Origins”; mine is set to exactly “http://localhost:3000”.

I am refreshing the page when on “http://localhost:3000/home”.

I did some logging in the Auth.js class and accessToken, idToken and expiresAt are all being set correctly. As is localStorage’s isLoggedIn value.

When isAuthenticated is called (when it first correctly logs in), expiresAt is given a value correctly. But when i refresh it, this zeros, which flips isAuthenticated to false, which i guess bounces me out/alerts the logout error above ^

What am i doing wrong here?


Hey there @aidington1980, I’d be happy to help. When you get a chance can you snag a HAR file of the the login workflow that generates the error and DM it over to me. This is a good first step for us to dig into the error at hand. Thanks in advance.

Having the same issue here.

Hey there @emregency, when you get a chance can you send a HAR file in a direct message so we can investigate what may be occurring in your situation? Please be sure to select “Preserve log” to catch redirects and scrub the file of user passwords before passing, thanks!

Hi @James.Morrison thanks for the support. I am trying to replicate it to send a HAR to you but as I am on the incognito tab it works :slight_smile: Do you think that something is happening while not in the incognito mode?


Can you try when you get a chance to clear your cookies and cache and give it another shot? Please let me know what you find. Thanks in advance!

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