Prompt user for information during signup

I’m using the Auth0 hosted Lock widget to sign up /authenticate people; and as part of it, we ask new users to specify the company they represent - it’s a short list, of about 8 companies; right now.

However, a new requirement has emerged; let the user specify “Other” and then prompt them for the name of their company; at which point it’ll be added to their profile.

I don’t think progressive profiling will work - we have to do it as part of the sign-up; and I don’t think progressive profiling works that way. (Am I right in thinking that?)

I’ve been reviewing the documentation that refers to rules and webtasks; but honestly I’m confused.

Does anyone have an example they could point to; or suggestions?

To capture additional information during signup, there are a couple of options:

1. Lock additionalSignupFields

Lock supports additional signup fields, which you can use to capture more information from the user during the signup process. These will be stored in the user_metadata of the user profile.

2. Progressive profiling using Redirect Rules

Progressive profiling can be done during the signup process, through Redirect Rules. Essentially, the following would occur:

  1. User signs up. Only capture Company name or Other.
  2. During the authentication flow, Rules would execute
  3. A redirect rule will check if it is the first login and if the selection was 'Other", and if so, redirect to a page in your app to capture additional information (e.g company name).
  4. Save this to the user profile, and continue the authentication flow.

You can also choose to not capture the company name immediately at signup, and insteaduse Redirect rules for all users to capture additional information on signup/first login.