Problems with Lock 11 and IE 11 and Enterprise Connections

We are in the process of upgrading application’s embedded Lock 9.2 to Lock 11 and we use Enterprise Connections such as AD and WAAD.

Initially, we tested the most current Lock 11.1.0 code and it would not work with our AD connection. It generated an Auth0 error that they are now looking into as a possible bug.

So then we downgraded to Lock 11.0.1 and we could authenticate with Chrome on all connection types. However, we encounter a script error when using IE 11 on both AD and WAAD connection types.

SCRIPT5009 ‘Uint8Array’ is undefined error in lock.js (15622,7)

Has anyone successfully used the Lock 11 versions with IE 11 on enterprise connections or encountered this error?

I’m working with Auth0 and they are fixing the issue likely in the release following version 11.1.1 of the Lock widget. The original fix for us was delivered in Lock 11.1.1 which worked fine in Chrome, however Edge and IE both return the “origin” as undefined which is causing some issues in Auth0.js preventing a successful login using a client & ad/ldap enterprise connection.

This issue has been resolved in Lock 11.1.2

This issue has been resolved in Lock 11.1.2

issue resolved in 11.1.2

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