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Auth0 Lock 11 JS SDK (Embedded) not IE compliant



When attempting to use embedded authorization Lock (v11), using IE and SSO:

Browser throws this error: “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘includes’”.

This can be traced back to the checkSession function in lock.js:

function checkSession(id, connection, loginHint) {
  var m = __webpack_require__.i(__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_1__store_index__["d" /* read */])(__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_1__store_index__["f" /* getEntity */], 'lock', id);
  if (__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_3__core_index__["auth"].responseType(m).includes('code')) {
    // we need to force a redirect in this case
    // so we use login with prompt=none
    return logIn(id, connection, loginHint, 'none');
  } else {
    var connectionScopes = __WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_3__core_index__["auth"].connectionScopes(m);
    var scopes = connectionScopes.get(connection.get('name'));
    var params = _extends({}, __WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_3__core_index__["auth"].params(m).toJS(), {
      connection: connection.get('name')

    __webpack_require__.i(__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_2__core_actions__["k" /* checkSession */])(id, params);