Problems when user change her password using lock UI (Failed Change Password)

After clicking the password recovery email and submitting the form with new password and its confirmation, users are getting “There was an error processing the password reset.

Logs show the following details:

Type: Failed Change Password

Description: invalid result url: MY_HOST?

Connection: Username-Password-Authentication

That error indicates that it might be an issue with the Redirect To URL you have set in the Change Password email settings - please ensure that this is a valid URL. You can check that value from: > Change Password > Redirect To.

Thanks @prashant . Indeed it seems to be invalid and coming from that setting.

However I can’t find in the documentation what proper url I must use or what kind of response is Auth0 expecting when reaching that url.

@hernan.liendo This is generally set to your application URL/Login URL, so that after a user changes their password, they can log in to the application again.

That’s the thing. I’m redirecting the user to a regular home page but that is what is producing this error :S

Does the redirection expects anything in particular? Why do I get that error if redirecting to a regular webpage after the passwords has been changed?

It should simply require a valid URL, e.g. Do you mind sharing the value you have in your Redirect To field?

Its a valid url: (maybe no httpS could be the problem?)

So, the problem was that the redirect url I was using was http instead of https.
Anyway I believe the error description wasn’t clear. We just found it out :slight_smile: