Problem with Django SDK Quickstart - email too long for first_name field

I’ve used to Django SDK quickstart to get up and running with Auth0 and it works well. I’m using Django 2.1, and Postgres 10.

However, I’ve encountered one problem. If I create a user with a long email address (over 30 characters) in Auth0, and then use it to log into my Django app I get an error:

"DataError at /complete/auth0

value too long for type character varying(30)"

I have isolated this problem (I think) down to the fact that Django is trying to put a long email address into the first_name field on the main users table, which only allows 30 characters.

I have tried experimenting with the file, as described by the tutorial. I’m assuming that the long name is injected here:

def get_user_details(self, response):
url = ‘https://’ + self.setting(‘DOMAIN’) + ‘/userinfo’
headers = {‘authorization’: 'Bearer ’ + response[‘access_token’]}
resp = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
userinfo = resp.json()

    return {'username': userinfo['nickname'],
            'first_name': userinfo['name'],
            'picture': userinfo['picture'],
            'user_id': userinfo['sub']}

I’ve tried modifying the first_name field to use fewer characters (e.g. just the letters before the @ in the address), but this seems to fail.

How might I get this to work with longer email addresses?


Hey @owend1, have you tried increasing the character size for the field in Postgres? I also found this stackoverflow response that may help as well. Please let me if this ends up helping you in your quest. Thanks!

I wanted to touch base @owend1 and see if you had any remaining questions on this front? Thanks in advance.

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