Problem getting Unit Test credentials for Single Page Application

We are blocked on implementing unit tests and utilities for our code. This will effect or go or no-go decision on using Auth0. We’ve been through the online documentation, but we are still encountering problems.

We are trying to use the client credentials grant described here to get an authentication token that we will use for unit testing and to run utilities. The instructions are To do this, we need to enable the grant type. as described at The Application -> Additional Settings -> Grant Types -> Client Credentials and the Token Endpoint Authentication Method are both greyed-out. Without these, we cannot use the Client Credentials.

We have also tried enabling the password grant type through the dashboard but the API returns an error thata the password grant type is enabled.

Please have someone contact me immediately, as I said this is a potential blocking issue that would prevent us from moving forward with Auth0.

Found this which explains why the Token Endpoint Authentication Method is greyed-out.

Is there any way then to do the unit tests and run utilities against the application, or do we need to change the application type to

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