Unit test for passport-auth0

Hello there ,
I’m trying to do a unit test for my server which I use auth0 strategy there ,
I thought that I can pass the token through the header but it was false . because we need cookies .
is there any resources can help me to make unit testing for my api ?
because I’m not able to get any token or even pass a token
I’m using chai and Mock and express.js
kind reagrds


Hi, @mohanaji Welcome to Ath0 Community!

Guidance is provided for testing the integration between your application(s) and Auth0, and for unit testing individual extensibility modules (such as Rules, Hooks, and Custom Database scripts). Guidance is also provided regarding Auth0’s penetration testing policy to help when testing for security vulnerability, and also how Mock testing can be leveraged in conjunction with our load testing policy to help ensure your application(s) perform under unexpected load.

Please let me know if this is helpful.

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