Prevent account creation with Google SSO on the login screen


I’m seeking some assistance with (likely) Actions. From our web application, we redirect users to Universal Login for login or sign-up. We’re passing some variables so that we can differentiate between login and sign-up on the Universal Login screen. We are using both username/password and Google SSO. Here’s what we aim to achieve:

  • On the sign-up screen: Allow users to sign up using username/password and Google SSO, and also allow login with Google SSO if the account already exists. This behavior is working well.
  • On the login screen: Allow users to log in using username/password and Google SSO, but prevent registration with either username/password or Google SSO.

The issue arises with denying registration through Google SSO on the login screen. I’m wondering how to achieve this functionality, or if it’s even possible. If it is, would a custom Action be the solution?

Thank you for your help!