Prefill email in auth registration page through url?


We are trying to send an email to specific people with a link to register on our auth0 implementation, but using a specific email (the one we send the email to). (reason: user is allready customer with that email, but does not have an account).

How can we prefill the email for their registration? Is that possible? If needed, we can go through our website and post the email, if thats required.


edit: using classic

If they are already a customer, you could create their account for them, then send them a “password reset” email, but change the wording to “Welcome to [our service]! Please click here to set your password.” This way you skip registration altogether. Smoother experience for the user.

I cant use that method, as the registration form has a lot of custom fields they are supposed to fill in.
I tought we could use the login hint?

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Yes, you can pass a login_hint parameter in the authorize request (or whatever SDK you’re using, i.e. in the loginWithRedirect method call as parameter). This would prefill the email address field in the login/registration widget.

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