Can I provide an email to be auto-filled on the signup page?

One of the features for my app is to invite new users to the site using their email. When they receive an email, they will have a link that they click to go to the signup page. I want the link URL to have an email so when they arrive on the signup page the email input can be auto-filled with their email.

Is it possible to do this? The signup page right now is the Auth0 hosted login page.

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Assuming the hosted login page is using the default template with Lock if when you make the request to /authorize you include a login_hint parameter then that value will be used to prefill the email field.

A quick test shows that if you send then the hosted login page will show both in the log in and sign up sections. By default it does show the log in section, however, with additional custom logic based also on custom parameters you could make it show the sign up for those cases.

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I see, thanks for the detailed answer. Let me try it out and I’ll get back to you