Pre-select a single social connection to skip Auth0 login for New Universal login

I’m trying to set up Auth0 for my SPA authentication. I have a single social connection (GitHub). GitHub is the only option, because all users will need accounts that can host git repos. I’m interested in GitLab, but I understand that social integration is not currently available.

Currently users are presented with the New Universal Login with a single “Continue to GitHub” button. I’m trying to improve the user experience. I understand historically it was possible to skip this step by passing connection: 'connection-name' to the loginWithRedirect call.

In 2019, the topic was covered for an old version (I think the ‘classic’ universal login):

This does not seem to work any more for the New Universal Login. Several of the links in that thread are now dead, which is making it hard to confirm my suspicions:

Please could someone confirm my assertions above and offer any guidance on how to implement this, or when the New Universal Login will be a feature-complete replacement for the Classic Universal Login?

Hey there @lightenna welcome back!

It looks like this can indeed be achieved in New Universal Login - It’s working for me using auth0-react authorizationParams for example:

 onClick={() => loginWithRedirect({authorizationParams: {
                      connection: "github"

Hope this helps!

That’s great thank you.

For anyone following this in the future, for a React SPA the loginWithRedirect call is here:

which takes a RedirectLoginOptions as an argument:

which has an authorizationParams field:

which has a connection field:

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Thanks for the additional details! :rocket:

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