Post Signup Action Not Working

I created an action for the Post User Registration event.

It’s not being triggered.

I created users and in the Logs I can see the Success Signup event in the logs.

But I don’t see the action tab in the logs.

I’m using the UsernamePasswordConnection.

I created a post login action and that seems to be working.

Is there something I’m missing about the Post User Registration event and the Action?

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Hi @thihara1,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Have you made sure to deploy the action and add it to the post reg action flow? A full guide is available here:

@dan.woda Thanks for the reply.

Yes, everything seems to be in order to me.

Can you add a console log to the beginning of the action and confirm that it does not show up in your logs?

It doesn’t show up. Best I understand, it’s supposed to fire, but for some reason it isn’t. Could it be an issue in the auth0 account I’m using?


Can you try to disable your legacy hooks and see if that is causing any problems?

@dan.woda No luck. :frowning:

Did this ever get resolved? I’ve got exactly the same problem


Can you please DM me the name of your tenant so I can take a look.