Post Registration Flow not working

Hi there,
I’ve recently started to use Flows. When testing my post registration flow works, but when a real user registers my flow doesnt seem to trigger, which includes (1) A notification to slack and (2) A post call to mailchimp. Can someone help me understand why this might be happening? There are no errors…it just doesnt work when actual users register, which should trigger the Post registration flow I have setup. See picture.

Noticing now that if a user signs up without a provider (ie just using an email)…the flow works…but if the user uses Google oauth, it doesnt seem to be triggered. Here is what the code looks like, please help!

exports.onExecutePostUserRegistration = async (event) => {
const slack = require('slack-notify')(event.secrets.SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL);

const message = `A New User just registered, email: ${}`;
const channel = '#new-user-notification';

text: message,
channel: channel

Hi @info45

This hook is only available for database connections. See: Post-User Registration

If you want to do this for social connections, you’ll need to add it to a rule/action that runs on login, and watches for first login on social connections.


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Thank you @john.gateley . I missed that. Do you happen to have a code snippet i can refer to for the social connection condition? Really appreciate it

I do not have a sample, sorry, though there may be one in the rules examples in the dashboard.

You check the login count == 1, and the connection is a social connection.


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