Post login flow: api.redirect.canRedirect() deprecated?


In the auth0 dashboard actions editor, the api.redirect.canRedirect() method is showing as deprecated with a line through it. However none of your documentation says that it is deprecated, and there are multiple articles in your documentation etc that still suggest to use it.
I’m confused as to the status of this method, when (if ever) it will be completely removed, and if it has been deprecated then how we are supposed to replace usage of it?

Thank you

Hi there @jack.macdonald!

Definitely understand the confusion here - I would instead go with what is mentioned in the text provided hovering over the method in the Action editor:

Do you mind pointing me in the direction of the documentation where it’s still suggested to use api.redirect.canRedirect()?


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Thank you. I’m not really clear on what it means with regards to handling errors that may arise, do you have some example code for that please?

Instances of documentation etc that suggest using the method:

Actions Triggers: post-login - API Object - does not show as deprecated