Post-login Action Event

Post-login event includes an authentication object which has a methods array. This is mentioned in documentation and also used in Auth0 examples:

Today, all of a sudden our staging and production logins started failing. Upon further inspection, I realized the methods array was no longer part of the object so trying to use it in the action as an array broke event: event.authentication.methods[0]. Is this a new change or something that needs fixing?

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Hey there @ozurek welcome to the community!

It looks like event.authentication.methods array is still included in the event object - Are logins that are failing related to a Google social connection by chance?

@tyf I unfortunately don’t see methods. I do see riskAssessment though which we are also using. And no, logins are not related to google social connections.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 21.29.05

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Thanks for confirming!

I am using the following Action in my environment:

exports.onExecutePostLogin = async (event, api) => {
     if (event.authentication) {

Logs using Real-Time Webask Logs Extension:

And in Monitoring → Logs → Successful Login → Action Details

Does running a similar, stripped down action in your environment not yield the same result?

Let us know!

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Same issue is happening here, I’ve made a simple action that logs the entire event.authentication object and it doesn’t have any methods array at all.

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Hey @josiahkhor !

Do you see the same behavior if you specifically log event.authentication.methods?

Hi @tyf,

Yep, I do. I first noticed the behaviour about 1 hour before my post, and can confirm that the action (organization specific MFA rules) we had that relied on the methods array was working fine 12 hours earlier. AU Region if that helps?

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Looks like the issue was fixed and I can see the methods array again.

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