Actions multifactor property missing from event


Regarding the new Actions

According to the docs:

I should expect to find the ‘multifactor’ property on the ‘event.user’ object for use in the Action code.

Testing with a user who has MFA enrolled there is no such property.

Here is a list of all the properties currently on the ‘event.user’ object:
“logs”: “[“app_metadata”,“created_at”,“email_verified”,“email”,“family_name”,“given_name”,“identities”,“last_password_reset”,“name”,“nickname”,“phone_number”,“phone_verified”,“picture”,“updated_at”,“user_id”,“user_metadata”,“username”]\n”,

code used to generate the above -

Finally snippet from the user:
“multifactor”: [
“multifactor_last_modified”: “2021-04-16T12:42:24.405Z”,

Question is, why is it missing?


It looks like this has now been fixed, thanks.

No worries! Glad that it’s working for you now!