Cannot know which website the request comes from with new post-login actions

Hello Auth0,

I just received a notification that the new version of login/post login is updated. I try to use it to replace the legacy action which I created before.

But it seems the event data is not exactly the same.

For example, we have multiples sites with the same auth0 talent. We are using to detect where is the request come from. Then we will do different action for different site’s request.

But we lose this data in new login/post login action. As I know the only change here should be the params of API. Could we keep the event as the same as before?

Juncheng ZHOU

Hi @juncheng,

I have asked the team that has built Actions about how to access the data that used to be available in the object during beta and will let you know what I hear back!

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Hi @juncheng,

I’ve heard back from the team, and they let me know that the data is now split between event.transaction and event.request. The redirect_uri is not currently available, but the team is working on adding it now and it will be available very soon. Thank you for this feedback!

Hello stephanie,

Thanks for your help. And quick response.

I will keep use legacy login action until the latest one is updated.

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Hello @juncheng, we’re launching Actions as GA today. In order to understand how to port your Actions created during the beta period to the programming models introduced at GA, please see our docs on the Changes to the Programming Model and the shape of the Shape of the PostLogin Event Object.

Thanks ggoodman,

But do you know there is a problem to use Optional chaining?

No matter ?. or ??, they will break the action, but no any error display.

The version of Node in the current runtime doesn’t yet support optional chaining. We’ve decided not to do any source-to-source transformation for the time being either.

As newer Node runtimes with optional chaining get rolled out in Actions, this syntax will be supported.


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