POST /api/v2/users without sending any e-mails


I have a use case where I wish to invite users manually without sending any verification or welcome emails yet. Then at some point later (could be a couple of days later) I would call “/passwordless/start” and the users would receive their first e-mail and sign into the system directly.

Is this possible? I’ve tried to use the “verify_email” flag and “/api/v2/users” but it still results in a signup email being sent out immediately.

In case you wish to understand the use-case better: I’m trying to avoid storing e-mail addresses anywhere in my application (only in Auth0). Furthermore, I need user-ids to already be created early on such that our admin users can work with their data entities to prepare a project which needs to be in a certain ready state before the rest of the users themselves are exposed to the project. If the users are made aware before the project has reached a ready state then there will be nothing for them to see upon signing in the first time.

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