Popup message handling - Xamarin iOS and Android

Every time the login browser launches, this message appears in Xamarin iOS and Android app.
This is rather annoying and certainly detracts from users registering, even for beta testers!

So, on the off chance anyone HERE has any work around or a way to suppress this, that would be most useful!

Wonder if Auth0 could extend the Auth0Client.LoginAsync(); to accept username and/or email address and pwd, encrypt and do whatever is needed, use the already configured connection criteria/params and login/register the user.

That way devs can build a native login and/or registration screen and NOT deal with this petty annyomg popup from iOS and similar in Android.

Might have to reconsider using Auth0 if this cannot be change or an alternative login/registration method provided.

Hey there!

Can you share with us the link to the SDK / quickstart / doc you are using so we can connect with the right team?