Populate MFA attributes

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I am new to Auth0, we are looking at pre populating MFA details for our users as we already hold that information. Is this possible in Auth0?

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I hate using this answer, but I think it depends; if using the default flow of just requiring/enforcing MFA and letting users enroll by themselves then I don’t think there’s an easy way for you to automatically populate something like a phone number that would be used for receiving codes over SMS. I’ve seen some internal mentions that this may be something that will have better support in future, but based on what I know we’re not there yet.

Having said that, if you search around you may find this page (https://auth0.com/docs/multifactor-authentication/api) that then links to (https://auth0.com/docs/multifactor-authentication/api/oob) and which would allow for your own system to drive the association of an authenticator for a phone number that you already have associated to the end-user. However, as the warning in the first link mentions this is not yet generally available to everyone and for now still in beta.

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Is there a way of populating the MFA details but when using google-authenticator MFA flow? I’d like to migrate the users’ TOTP keys so that they don’t have to register their devices anew, but can’t find any information about it.

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