MFA with Auth0 without User prompt to enter phone number

When trying to activate MFA using SMS with auth0, it prompts the user to register the mobile number and then activates the MFA for the user.
But as per our use-case, user should NEVER be prompted to enter the phone-number. Instead the auth0 MFA application should read the authyId from the user’s app_metadata or user_metadata stored by us while creating the user and directly the prompt the user to enter OTP sent. We are stuck on this problem and can’t find a workaround to implement this scenario.
Kindly, help us ASAP as we need this implementation ASAP.

Hey there @rishunigam30, I apologize for the delay in response.

I understand it’s been some time since you initially posed this question but I would like to follow up with you on this front. I wanted to see at what point in the process did the breakdown occur? I have also included our default documentation on MFA through SMS below as a point of reference. Please let me know if you still need assistance on this front, thank you.

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