Please why does this work when client_id is empty here

im making a post request to /dbconnections/signup with this body :

  "client_id" : "CLIENT_ID",
  "email" : "myemail",
  "username" : "myuser",
  "password" : "mypass",
  "connection" : "Username-Password-Authentication"

this returns “connection is disabled” because i have it disabled for the client but for some reason when i leave the client_id empty it says the account is created :

  "_id" : "id_generated",
  "email_verified" : false,
  "email" : "myemail"

Hi @samuelsimba,

Welcome to Auth0 Community!

As you have discovered, client_id is not actually required for the /dbconnections/signup endpoint despite what we have documented at the moment. We intend to revise our documentation on this soon, as it is not actually a requirement when creating database users.

Hope this helps!



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