IdP Requests Are Disabled after Creation of Connection via Auth0 Terraform Provider


A connection via Terraform that uses IdP-initiated SSO was created. However, after creation, IdP-initiated SSO does not work, and the enablement of the IdP-initiated is not allowed.


The client ID is missing from the IdP-initiated configuration.


To resolve this, please make sure the client_id is included:

    idp_initiated {
      client_id = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"
      client_protocol        = "oauth2"
      client_authorize_query = "redirect_uri=${urlencode("")}"

The client_id is a required field when choosing the IdP Initiated option. It is not possible to save changes without the client_id either using the Auth0 dashboard. The reason is that after SAML Response is validated, Auth0 will need to know the application towards which to redirect the client.