Which client_id is required for terraform provider


I am attempting to setup a client and api via terraform. The terraform provider requires a client_id and client_secret. Which client/secret is this? I have tried the tenant global clientid and the Auth0 Management api client (which is default when creating a tenant I believe). The latter gives my a 401 “Invalid Token”.

What am I missing? All of this is being called via a remote build server in Azure Devops.


Hi @trevorc,

Welcome to the Community. You need to create a machine-to-machine client specifically for Terraform, and give that client access to the Management API.

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Thank you Mark. I discovered a similar approach in that the Mgmt Api app did not have all the permissions I thought it did. Your solution however, reminded me of the better way to do things and make applications specific to the task they serve. Thank you very much.



Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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