'Please set password before loggin in' error using Custom DB Connection

I recently setted up an Custom DB Connection and I keep getting this error when creating a user.
The flow for user creation is:

  1. Admin user creates a new user through the my application
  2. The user is created and a email is send to change the password
  3. The user changes the password
  4. The user tries to login but get the following error:
    Please set a password before logging in

Everything works fine when I try the Login Script or try the connection through the Dashboard.

Actually when I try the connection through the Dashboard it does not work.

:wave: @felipe.goncalves When you issue a password change, does your DB get contacted? Do you see any logs in the database?

I would suggest installing the Real-time Webtask Logs extension, and adding console.log() calls in your script. Then when we run the Try button in the dashboard we can get some more information and see what is happening (or not happening).

Hi, @kimcodes,

Thanks for the fast reply.
After some debugging I discover that it is a custom rule of the application.

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Great! Glad you were able to solve it :slight_smile: