PKCE flow and Authorization Extension: Server Errors -- workaround? reinstall?

Are there any guidelines for how to re-engineer/debug for an “Authorization Extension: An internal server error occurred” (occurs on the initial authorization call for PKCE)?
Should we (a) uninstall the Authorization Extension and then reinstall it? (b) change some settings (e.g. is it possible that the roles or permissions are wrong?) or (c) change something within the clients/api settings?
If there are documentation places that we should look, that would be a help, so far its been setup according to these documents:
Call Your API Using the Authorization Code Flow with PKCE

update for anyone reading this: after considerable effort (dashboard was not as clear as would have been ideal), I did get the Authorization Extension to reinstall. The PKCE flow now seems to be working again. So, this suggests that something happened to the first version and that is what was generating the server errors. Most likely something with the webtask container that was running it before. The CLI via webtasks would have been my first choice for debugging this, but it wasn’t clear how to get the profile/container that is connected to the dashboard to come up on the terminal window side.

proving this hint as an answer for greater visibility

See the update in the question itself for the steps taken (extension re-install) to resolve.