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Intermittent Failures using PKCE


I am having trouble implementing a PKCE grant process as described here.

I have a client-side native app where the user get a token using the PKCE flow, then use that token to validate their transactions with the API, with Google being used as the identity provider. Unfortunately I randomly get an error telling me there was an error exchanging my code for a token, with the acronym “FEACT” on the error message.

In the Auth0 logs there is usually a pattern with “succesful login” followed by “failed exchange”. I would paste images but unfortunately my logs seem to have vanished.

I don’t have a problem using other types of authorization (such as application to application), and I can’t seem to figure out a pattern as to when the authorization fails or succeeds. On top of that, the error message that auth0 provides is vague and unhelpful, so I don’t know what is going on. I have found a few other references to people with my issue, but unfortunately none of them have a solution.