PHP SDK: Migrating search from v2 to v3

RE: Migrate Search from v2 to v3

I have a codebase which is using the Drupal 7 auth0 module, which is stuck on the Auth0 PHP SDK version 5.0 because there have been no updates to this version of the module.

While I don’t think the module uses the search API, we have other code that uses the search API.


  1. Is it just the v2 search that is being deprecated or will all calls to /api/v2 endpoints be deprecated?

  2. Can I still use the 5.0 SDK, and if so, how would I integrate the search_engine=v3 into how we are setting up our request object?

    // Instantiate an Authentication object to use to fetch token.
    $auth0Api = new Authentication($domain, $client_id, $client_secret);

    // Get an access token with client credentials grant.
    $access_token = $auth0Api->client_credentials([
    ‘audience’ => ‘https://’ . $domain . ‘/api/v2/’,

    // Instantiate an Auth0 Management object access the create() function.
    $manage_auth0Api = new Management($access_token[‘access_token’], $domain);