PhoneGap sample only works with npm run

I downloaded the phonegap sample, sent it to, got an apk back and installed it on my Android phone. When I opened the app all I get is a blank screen. I tried the same on PhoneGap desktop app, which runs a web server and makes the app available on a desktop browser, when I hit the login button, I get “Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.” This is a very generic failure encountered on different sites as well. So I stock with npm to make some progress, and noticed the login screen is showing an address bar. I dont see browser opened as a separate application though. On Xamarin sample the chrome browser is opened as a separate application. The phonegap issue is more important to me because that’s is what we are using for our medical device. Basically I want to have a sample phone gap application running on Android and make sure the login screen appears as if it is integrated with the application rather than showing a browser address bar or anything like that.

Hey there @rajaauthowner, I would love to help you but can you share with me more details about the situation? The complete stack you are using and auth0’s hand in it? I just want to understand so I can help deliver the best possible solution to you. Thanks in advance!

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