Passwordless with New Universal Login - Verification Code Not Working

Hi there!

I am trying to get passwordless set up with new universal login. I followed the directions here: Passwordless with New Universal Login

I am able to see the passwordless screen coming up with new universal login. I customized the text and changed some colors, and it worked!

However, after entering a phone number with a 10 digit format like “2012012010”, it always fails with “Code could not be sent. Please try again later.”

If I add the country code to the phone number, it works - “+12012012010”. Can we find a way to automatically append a country or at least provide a country selector or dropdown?

After that, I am able to receive text messages from Twilio. However, no matter how many verification codes I try, I keep getting the error “Code is invalid”.

Interestingly, if I try using the Classic Universal Login with custom HTML and the Lock (passwordless) template, it works fine! It even has a country selector. I guess I will have to use that custom HTML for now.

Could someone help me resolve these issues?



Looking for the same feature. any luck on the solution ?