Passwordless email link fails due to empty redirect_uri

I’m creating users via the Management Api. Using passwordless, this automatically causes an email to go out - that part works fine.

When I click the link, I’m getting “Oops! Something went wrong”… I can see that redirect_uri is empty, and I assume that’s the problem. Hitting F12, I don’t see anything particularly helpful, except a request to “verify_redirect” which is failing.

How do I set this redirect_uri? I don’t see it in the dashboard. I am using the C# SDK, and I also don’t see it in UserCreateRequest. What am I missing?

Here’s my code:

        var request = new UserCreateRequest()
            Connection = "email",
            Email = email,
            EmailVerified = false,
            VerifyEmail = true,
            FirstName = first,
            LastName = last,
            FullName = first + " " + last,                                
            AppMetadata = new

                roles = "Admin"

        var result = client.Users

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