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Passwordless custom link not generating ({{ application.callback_domain }} and liquid syntax(.first, .last) not working)

Hi All,

We have been using AuthO’s passwordless verification (sending link using email) with SendGrid email provider for the past few months. However, since 03rd Oct 2019, the magic link/the redirect URL is not being generated.

As per the logs on AuthO, I could see that the parameters are being passed to AuthO from our API but when the end user receives the email, the state and redirect_uri values are missing.

Redirect link:

{% assign id = ‘’ %}
{% assign split = link | split:"&" %}
{% for item in split %}
{% assign pair = item | split:’=’ %}
{% if pair.first == ‘state’ %}
{% assign id = pair.last %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% assign redirect = “” | append:application.callbacks.first | append:"?code=" | append:code | append:"&id=" | append:id | append:"&email=" | %}

AuthO log(has state and redirect_uri):

Current URL(missing redirect_uri/(application.callback_domain) and state):


I could see two issues in the generated link.

  • It is missing {{ application.callback_domain }}.
  • The liquid syntax(.first, .last) in email templates are not working.

Expected URL:

Any assistance is much appreciated - thank you in advance.



Hi @merzzrc,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum!

Did you switch to the New Universal Login Experience?

It does not support passwordless at this time.

If not, we can dive deeper into your issue.

Hope this helps!


Hi @dan.woda,

Thank you for your reply. We didn’t make any attempts to switch to Universal login(we are not calling Auth0’s /authorize endpoint which triggers Universal Login as per

Happy to share more information if needed.


@dan.woda I am working with @merzzrc - we have had to disable passwordless authentication as this issue is blocking our users. Are you able to advise if Auth0 are looking into this issue? This was working with no issues until Oct 3, we want to continue to use passwordless but will be forced to look at other options if there is no solution for this issue. Please help!