Passwordless + Deeplinking


With the passwordless login and email, is it possible to have a deeplink code for a mobile app embedded in the email, rather than the numerical code?

Instead of the user typing in their emailed code, just tap the link, open the app, authenticate and move on…?


Hey @b33rdy,

That does sound like a cool workflow!

I’ve never tried it before, so I’m just hypothesizing here. Have you tested using send: link as config parameter passed to the POST /passwordless/start endpoint, combined with a redirect_uri that follows the format of the deeplink for your app?

Something like this:

  "client_id": "CLIENT_ID",
  "connection": "email",
  "email": "EMAIL",
  "send": "link",
  "authParams": { // any authentication parameters that you would like to add
    "scope": "openid",
    "state": "YOUR_STATE",
    "redirect_uri": "deeplink://openCoolAppPrettyPlease"

Thanks! No, we haven’t… we’re in the planning stages, so this might be a way forward.

It’s a shame it’s not baked into the system where we can set this up in the UI. Seems like a fairly critical piece.

Our client are basically refusing to use PasswordLess until we can get deep linking working from the email.

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Yep as @mauricio said. It can be achieved that way. However let me submit a feature request for our product team regarding that. For future reference you can also submit such feedback using our feedback site. Our product managers will reach out to you within 10 business days. Here it is:


Wicked, thankyou!

I think it’s a barrier for a lot of people. Especially given some of the users we have aren’t very technical.

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Yep gotchya! Will see how the things progress!