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Password reset has stopped working in native apps (using lock activity)



Our users are having trouble resetting their password in our app.
We’re using the “Lock activity” which is your Auth0 pre-built UI for sign-in so no custom requests here. It has stopped working in both Android and iOS.

On Android it seems alright when pressing “forgot password” and we get the “Check your email to continue” dialog. On iOS we get a error message when pressing submit (attaching a screenshot). But none of the users is getting the password reset email.

![alt text][1]

On Android we’re using: 1.18.0 SDK and iOS 1.27.1 SDK.
We have flipped the switch for “Change Password flow v2”.

This combination should be just fine, right? I mean the SDK’s and the “Change Password flow v2”

We got that indication from you before was you can see here:

Any ideas how to solve this?



I’m also not able to send “test email” from your test form in dashboard (Emails -> Provider -> Custom Provider).

The smtp server and it’s credentials is working in all my other test tools but not from your site.
Getting a “timeout” according to your logs (Logs -> “Failed Sending Notification”)


SMTP configuration aside, for iOS please can you update to

There is a fix, specifically for the change password API endpoint.


Oh, good to know. I will try that to begin with for iOS.

I should try to get hold of another SMTP server as well to try with. I guess that it’s mandatory to have it’s own mail server today? Before one might use the Auth0 default.


It does not mention that it’s mandatory to use your own mail server. However, if you have high volumes then it would make sense to prefer your own dedicated solution that allows you to monitor this traffic.

If you believe there is a genuine integration issue with your chosen custom SMTP provider, please report this to and include specific details / logs.


Ok so I just tested with the default server again and now it works. Will take this further with the support as you mentioned. Thanks for your help so far. Will get back to you when the fix for iOS is tested.