Password policy

Hi there,
where is the password policy defined can we see that, just wanted to know after how many failed attempts the account get locked,if account how we could unlock it.Beside temparory lock we also got account suspended in Auth0 ? pls clarify thanks.

Hi @ysharat.

The password policy is defined under your Database connection’s settings. Visit the Dashboard > Authentication > Database to view this setting.

As for the blocked account limit, you can view the limit on the Dashboard> Security > Attack Protection > Brute-force Protection page.

There is a setting for the Login Threshold, which is the number of attempts you allow a user to try before they are blocked from logging in.

And when an account is blocked, you can unblock them on the User Management section of the Dashboard, or using the Management API’s Unblock a user endpoint.

Please refer to our Block and Unblock Users documentation for more details.


thanks for your reply. If account locked after how long later it will be unlocked providing right password?

HI Rueben, Any update on the above ask, pls . thanks

Hi @ysharat,

Thank you for your responses.

The user is blocked indefinitely until they are unblocked by either following the unblock email link or if an admin unblocks the user on the dashboard or using the Management API Unblock a user endpoint.


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